Why can't I sign up? ('something went wrong' error)

If you're trying to create an account but keep encountering a 'something went wrong' error after trying to set your password, it's usually down to one of these:

  1. Your email address can be found in more than one patient record at your clinic (e.g. your partner's)
  2. Your email address cannot be found in any patient record at your clinic
  3. An account already exists with the email address you entered
  4. Your clinic's network may be down and we can't contact their database
  5. Salve may be down

We can't explicitly say in the app which problem we're encountering for privacy and security reasons.

If you think your partner may have the same email address as you in their patient record, please contact the clinic and either 1) provide them with an alternative email address for your partner or b) ask them to remove the email address from your partner's record (if they don't intend to also sign up). Once that's been done, you can try signing up again and it should go through.

If you think you tried to sign up with an email address different from the one your clinic has, please try to sign up again using the correct email address.

If you think you might have already created a Salve account previously, please try logging in (you can reset your password if you're not sure what it is).

If you're not sure what the problem might be or you think Salve or your clinic's network may be down, send us an email at hello@salveapp.co.uk and we'll investigate.

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